If Tony Montana were still alive, this would be his favorite bar

We are reluctantly promoting La Descarga in this post, not because it doesn’t epitomize Cuban cool, but because it does. In fact, it is so cool we don’t want it to be ruined by the masses. But alas, as Tastemakehers it is our duty to share with you the things that keep our tastebuds kickin’.

La Descarga is a true modern day speakeasy. Sandwiched between a taco shack and a slew of rundown storefronts on Western avenue, from the outside it looks like an abandoned studio, like really abandoned. You would never know such a  gem lies behind that rusty gate.

We don’t want to give too much away because that’s no fun, but just prepare for a Narnia-esque experience. You have to climb one flight of stairs until you’re in the foyer, and by the looks of it there doesn’t appear to be an entrance to a bar or lounge anywhere in sight…but just wait. A young woman crosses your name off the list (its reservations only), walks you towards a door, opens it very gracefully and then…

Before you know it you are transported to a dimly lit Cuban lounge that smells like samba and sounds like coconut. The drinks are fantastic, and the hands that make them true artisans. Kick it like Scarface with a mojito in a cozy corner, and let the live sounds of Havana allow you to forget about Hollywood. Did we mention the sequin clad Cha-Cha dancer twirling around the spiral staircase? There’s also a cigar lounge in the back.

Even the website is mysterious. A PERFECT spot for a first date, or cuddling up with close friends…this is a place you need to see for yourself. But make your reservation first!


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