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OK! Magazine, Ciroc and Godiva Grammy’s Gifting Suite
February 14, 2011

We didn't make the cut on Wire Image, but we didn't care...'cause we got swag!

Over the weekend, Simone and Kailey checked out the OK! Magazine and Ciroc Grammy Gifting Suite at the Redbury Hotel in Hollywood. They discovered so many great new brands and got tons of free goods!

Who knew candles could smell tasty? Eco-and-nose-friendly candles from Ecoya

You know how there’s that black line of soot around your candles after they’ve burned? Well it doesn’t have to be like that. Ecoya is an all natural line of home and beauty products from Australia, a favorite brand of the Kardashians, Olivia Munn and Lauren Conrad. Ecoya’s sweet smelling candles are also sweet for your health because they don’t emit carbon dioxide when they burn. We picked up a couple of their Love Candles for V-Day…so good you have to smell it to believe it.

Simone and her friend Alex(Fingerprint PR) eying those Sweet E's!

Def hovered around the Sweet E’s table for a minute…those mini cupcakes are addicting! No, but seriously. Some of the best cupcakes in LA, and they’re kosher!

New obsession: Forrest & Bob clothing...super soft tees, V-necks and dresses

We discovered the simple beauty of Forrest & Bob clothing, with their soft tees in fun solid colors. By the end of the day we came away with some fab additions to our wardrobes! Check out their website for the full line.

Forrest & Bob neon tee

Ok so we introduced DryBar here on The Tastemakehers, but we unearthed the brilliant Braid Bar concept at the gifting suite over the weekend. Located at Nine Zero One Zero salon in West Hollywood, Braid Bar brings your wildest dreams of elegant plaits to life for only $25. (A shampoo and braid is $40) They’ve braided everyone from Jessica Alba to Ashley Olsen and can create French braids, fishtails or whatever you can think of.

Kailey gettin' her hair did at the Braid Bar

We also got some products from Keratin Complex, including their much talked about Smoothing Therapy. Can’t wait to try it out!

Chinese Laundry was there providing complimentary shoe swag for all the guests. We loved those sparkly ones, and the ones with the ruffles, and well all of ’em!

Sexy stilettoes from Chinese Laundry

There were two beautiful jewelry lines showcased at the suite: Seki and Yasmin and Jazmin. Seki uses lot’s of unique elements like feathers and rustic beads for a bold boho look. They have earrings, necklaces and cuffs in all price ranges so you must check out their whole collection online.

Boho-chic accessories from Seki NY

Yasmin and Jazmin is another incredible line of jewelry, featuring an intricate interweaving of sterling silver, 18K Gold and jewels. Their bangles, rings and earrings are so versatile and double as bling for day or night. Remember that crazy dominatrix picture of red-haired Khloe Kardashian from a couple weeks back? She’s wearing Yasmin and Jazmin.

Gorg pieces from Yasmin and Jazmin made of sterling silver & 18K Gold

Needless to say we walked away with some sick swag by the bag full. What a great Saturday! Thanks to Taryn  and everyone at Fingerprint PR for a fab afternoon at the Redbury 🙂

K thanks bye! lol



Success for the TA TA’s!
February 14, 2011

Thanks for coming out!

Thanks to lots of amazing supporters, Danielle and Jonathan raised mad money for the Susan G. Komen Foundation Saturday night at The Yard! Success for the TA-TA’s!

White pants for every shape and size
February 9, 2011

Shopping for white pants shouldn’t be like a trip to the dentist. Anyone can wear them, but finding a pair that is flattering can often be painful. We’ve broken down the best white pants on the market into the styles that work best for each woman.

Use this as your fitting room guide, but make sure you work them out before you take them home. Peruse for pinching and puckering. Sit down, and see how they crease at the crotch. Take a look at the side view and see if they flatter your stomach. Look behind and check out how they hug your bum. Stand under the light and see how the fabric looks on your hips and thighs.

Curvy  to Plus Size– Boot Cut and Flared Leg

Look for stretchy fabrics in the boot cut and flared leg styles: this detail at the bottom will take the eye away from a thicker mid section. You’ll always want the fabric in your fuller areas to be a little looser, but make sure there isn’t extra space between the waistline and your back.  And beware of see-through fabrics– if you’re going for linen, check to see that the holes aren’t too open.

On sale at, the Push-up Boot-Cut Jeans for only $29-$34

For curvier women with thicker thighs and hips, try the ShapeFX Push-up Boot-Cut Jeans. The stretchy fabric moves with you, not against you, and the push-up construction lifts and shapes your behind. The boot cut also slenderizes and balances fuller hips and thighs. Also check out Paige Denim’s Lou Lou pant below in the “Tall” section. Big Booty? ShapeFX Butt-Lifter Linen Pant $69.00

Petite — Cropped Jeggings

Cropped Skinny Trouser Jeans for petite women, $59.50 at Gap

Go for a cropped skinny: the jegging look has a lengthening effect. Try the Cropped Skinny Trouser Jeans from Gap and add a pair of heels or boots for more length. But if you’re petite and a little heavier, avoid the skinny styles that cut off at the ankle as they can add weight. In this case, go for a boot cut or flared leg that will balance you out. Similarly, if you’re petite and skinny don’t go for the baggy look unless you’re going to stretch it out with some high heels. For another style, try the Wide Leg Trouser Jeans from Gap.

Another great petite style from Gap, the Wide Leg Trouser Jeans for $69.50

Tall — Trousers & Cigarette

Paige Denim's Lou Lou White Stretch Destruction pant, a 35 inch inseam!

Tall women do have lot’s of options, but please keep the length long: there’s nothing worse than a tall, statuesque woman who looks like she’s waiting for a flood. Always go for at least a 34 inch inseam. If you’re tall and skinny try the classic cigarette or a skinny jean with a little flare, like Paige Denim’s Lou Lou White Strech Destruction pant. (What’s the difference between skinny, cigarette and straight leg styles?) This will lengthen and flatter your slim figure, but make sure the fabric hugs your thighs and butt.

Or if you’re tall and curvy, go for a boot cut or wide leg trouser. You’ve got the height to pull off a wide leg trouser that really flares throughout, like the DOJO pant from Seven for all Mankind. Don’t be afraid of high waists either. (Unfortunately, to get the inseam a tall girl needs, you’re most likely going to shell out a pretty penny. Most of the high end brands like Seven, Rock and Republic, Joe’s etc. carry longer inseams)

A great inseam (34 in.) in the trouser style...the DOJO Pant from Seven for All Mankind

Middle of the Road–Pretty much anything!

You’re not too tall, but not petite. You’re not curvy but you’re not a zero. You’re lucky! Step into any bargain boutique and you can probably find something that fits and flatters your figure. However, the same rules apply. If you have a heavier mid-section go for a boot-cut, or if you’re slimmer up there go for a tight skinny. To play around with some sexy trends, try the SL8 White Stretch Pyramid Studded Jeans or Ripped Mid-Rise Skinnies at Forever 21.

If you didn’t find what you’re looking for up there, check out the other options below. Also head to your chain stores like Gap, Banana Republic and Express because they have both petite and tall options available.


Eddie Bauer Curvy Fit Boot Cut Stretch Jeans…only $14.99!

Modern Boot Cut Jeans for Tall and Plus Size women

Stretch denim jeggings for curves!


Forever21 Stretchy Denim Capri $17.80

Feeling bold? Try some ripped skinny capri’s

Michael Kors Cropped Ankle Jean in white


Wide leg pants from Joie with a 34 in. inseam, only $49.99

Genetic Denim Boot Leg pants with a 34 in. inseam, only $56 on BlueFly

Check out this forum just for tall women, complete with links to clothes for tall women in the USA.

55 Degree Wine is Atwater’s sexy sipping spot
February 3, 2011

Get 20% off your tasting when you mention "The TastemakeHERS" at 55 Degree Wine (until the end of February)

55 Degree Wine is a one stop shop with a stocked-to-the-brim storeroom of international wine and beer, and cozy cellar downstairs for tastings and tapas.

90% of their wine comes from Italy


The cellar holds up to 100 people, and is a perfect space for private tastings. 55 Degree Wine offers wine and beer tastings, as well as a menu of tapas and cheese pairings.

Still Spark performing at 55 Degree Wine

Located in Atwater Village, 55 Degree Wine is a sweet place to catch live music too. You’ll feel like a European as you snuggle up to your Syrah and watch the band play against the backdrop of old world wine cases.

They’ve always got some cool tasting or event going on, and coming up for Valentine’s day is a brownie and wine pairing…yum! And don’t forget to mention our blog and get 20% off of your tasting!

Japanese Craft Beer Tasting and Tapas—Thursday, February 10th 7-10 PM

Beer Flight $15

Bento Box $10

Tapas $3-$5

Chilled Sake available by the bottle

Cash Only!

Valentine’s Day Brownie and Wine Pairing Flight ($20)–Monday, February 14th, 6-10 PM

Store Hours:

Monday – Thursday: 11:00 am – 10:00 pm
Friday: 11:00 am – 11:00 pm
Saturday – Sunday: 10:00 am – 11:00 pm

Tasting Hours

Saturday: 5:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Sunday: 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Monday: Cellar Closed
Tuesday-Friday: 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm

All images courtesy of Scottie Images, thanks Scott! Visit the 55 Degree Wine website for party reservations and other events!

Dan “The Imbiber” Dunn is “Living Loaded”
February 3, 2011

Introducing the man with the job we all want.

When he gets a drink at the bar, his glass is blown in front of him.

He travels by elephant: not by plane or automobile.

He doesn’t get hangovers…ever.

He scours the earth. He drinks. He writes about the scouring and the drinking. He is The Imbiber, aka Dan Dunn: “one of the world’s preeminent chroniclers of the mixocological arts and the drinking life.”

Dan’s work has appeared in numerous high-profile publications including Playboy, GQ, USA Today, Maxim, The Los Angeles Times, Entertainment Weekly, Hemispheres, Mutineer, Wine Access, The Tasting Panel and Hosiery & Underwear Magazine. He is a former staff writer for the Emmy-nominated TV show “Talk Soup” and freelance joke contributor for SNL’s “Weekend Update.” His critically acclaimed semi-fictional memoir, “Nobody Likes a Quitter (and other reasons to avoid rehab),” was published in November 2007. His second tome, “Living Loaded: Tales of Sex, Salvation and the Pursuit of the Never-ending Happy Hour” is in bookstores everywhere starting February 8th.

Dan Dunn is also the host of The Imbiber Show, a podcast which goes live every Monday. Part of famed deejay Tom Leykis’s The New Normal Network, the show can be streamed on the New Normal site. The Imbiber Show is also available for download and subscription on iTunes.

The Tastemakehers had the privilege of stirring things up with Dan Dunn  for a little Imbiber Q and A:

Q: Describe Dann Dunn in 3 words…

Really. Bad. At. Counting.

Q: If you could party with anyone living/dead that you have not yet met, who would it be?

Stan Jablonski. A name chosen randomly from the phone book. He sounds like a fun dude. If I could party with a dead guy, I’d choose Charlie Sheen.

Q: If you were stranded on a desert island, what girl would you choose to be stranded with, and what would be your cocktail of choice, album of choice and book of choice.

A woman to be stranded on an island with, eh? You mean, besides my lovely girlfriend who quite possibly is reading this. Um, wow. That’s a tough one. I like Rachel McAdams a lot. So much so that I recently watched a god-awful movie called “The Time Traveler’s Wife” in its entirety simply because she’s in it. Twice. It’d be cool to have Amy Winehouse along, too.

No point in having an album on a deserted island devoid of electricity, unless I’m using it to play Frisbee, right?

Cocktail would be anything with water in it. Something tells me I’d need that.

Book would the Bible. It’s heavy, and could come in handy as a weapon when The Others attack.

Q: Favorite chapter in “Living Loaded”? Why?

The final one. Because when I finished writing that one, I was done. And the best part about book-writing is book-finishing.

Q: Favorite bar in LA?

A: Take your pick — La Descarga, Hinano, The Roger Room, The Tasting Kitchen.

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about your new venture in television?  If you could pick anyone to play Dan Dunn, who would it be?

Wrote a pilot with Rob McElhenney of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” It’s based on the book and my life. We have a deal on the table, though I can’t say with who yet. Soon, though.

Q. What is the best thing anyone has ever said about Dan Dunn?  And who said it?

“You’re a real a-hole, Dan, but the good news is you probably won’t be an a-hole your entire life. In fact, I bet you’ll be just fine by the time you reach third grade.”– My mother

There you have it folks. Dan Dunn is giving the most interesting man in the world a run for his money.

To purchase Dan’s new book “Living Loaded”, you can visit Amazon or attend the public book signing at Book Soup here in LA on February 8th. The afterparty at Baby Blues WeHo is also open to the public, provided you have a copy of “Living Loaded” in hand. The book is the cost of admission to the afterparty, and must be purchased at a bookstore, as they won’t be sold at Baby Blues. “Living Loaded” will also be sold at Borders and Barnes & Noble.

For our East Coasters, there’s also a book signing in Philadelphia on February 17th, from 5 to 7 PM at Baby Blues BBQ on 34th & Sansom. The Philly signing is open to the public as well.

Make you sure check out Dan’s website,, for some dangerously good drink recipes.

Danielle is bartending for Breast Cancer!
February 2, 2011

They mean business: Jeff Decker (Owner of The Yard), Danielle and Jonathan

Danielle and the fabulous Jonathan Nelson will be guest bartending for charity on February 12th at The Yard in Santa Monica. Noted as one of the tastiest gastropubs in Santa Monica, The Yard is a foodie favorite with a completely original menu created by Chef CJ of Top Chef Season 2

The Yard Burger

Danielle will be serving three special drinks all night long for $5, but any other cocktails are also available. 100% percent of their tips will go to the Susan G. Komen Foundation benefitting breast cancer research. The TastemakeHERS will also be raffling off two gift cards to The Yard once it get’s crackin’.  

"The most interesting man in the world" (Dos Equis) at The Yard

The party starts at 9:30, so please come out for some strong drinks and show your support for breast cancer!


Neon for Spring 2011: why isn’t it in stores?
February 1, 2011

Here’s a challenge: take a look at this delicious ‘fit from Jil Sander’s 2011 Spring/Summer Collection.

Now take a look at any of the following budget fashion store websites and try and find a “look for less” alternative.


Forever 21



American Apparel


You won’t find it. The S/S ’11 neon and color block trends are tragically underrepresented in our “look for less” locations like H&M, Forever 21, J.Crew, Top Shop, American Apparel and even hipster conglomerate There’s plenty of neutral numbers to go around, but neon and bright colors have been nearly overlooked. How can this be explained?


Zara had the closest look for less

Zara’s Website

Perhaps these corporations are intimidated by such a bold trend and fear the same reaction from buyers? But we’ve certainly seen bolder, haven’t you? Maybe the neon dye market is suffering severe inflation in the global economy these days? Whatever the reason, it’s upsetting for those of us seeking that artistic extension of our radiant inner being through an eye-popping color block. There’s really only one option, which is to continue the neon crusade into thrift and vintage stores.

Nonetheless, where neon threads cannot be found, the bright cosmetic palette abounds. Our favorite fresh faced look for spring is also the easiest and requires the least products.

Using only some black mascara, a little blush, shimmery bronzer and a bright gloss or lipstick, this look can be your go-to for Spring. Here are some of our favorite products:

For a lip that's less daring than pastel purple, try Mark's super affordable Hook Up Super Color Lip Gloss in "Wild" and "Fever". It's not super gunky like other glosses and leaves a nice stain even when it fades.

A brilliant innovation from Francisco Nars: the lip pencil that looks and feels like a gloss. Although "Happy Days" appears to be super bright, it goes on very sheer and highlights whatever your natural lip color is.