Neon for Spring 2011: why isn’t it in stores?

Here’s a challenge: take a look at this delicious ‘fit from Jil Sander’s 2011 Spring/Summer Collection.

Now take a look at any of the following budget fashion store websites and try and find a “look for less” alternative.


Forever 21



American Apparel


You won’t find it. The S/S ’11 neon and color block trends are tragically underrepresented in our “look for less” locations like H&M, Forever 21, J.Crew, Top Shop, American Apparel and even hipster conglomerate There’s plenty of neutral numbers to go around, but neon and bright colors have been nearly overlooked. How can this be explained?


Zara had the closest look for less

Zara’s Website

Perhaps these corporations are intimidated by such a bold trend and fear the same reaction from buyers? But we’ve certainly seen bolder, haven’t you? Maybe the neon dye market is suffering severe inflation in the global economy these days? Whatever the reason, it’s upsetting for those of us seeking that artistic extension of our radiant inner being through an eye-popping color block. There’s really only one option, which is to continue the neon crusade into thrift and vintage stores.

Nonetheless, where neon threads cannot be found, the bright cosmetic palette abounds. Our favorite fresh faced look for spring is also the easiest and requires the least products.

Using only some black mascara, a little blush, shimmery bronzer and a bright gloss or lipstick, this look can be your go-to for Spring. Here are some of our favorite products:

For a lip that's less daring than pastel purple, try Mark's super affordable Hook Up Super Color Lip Gloss in "Wild" and "Fever". It's not super gunky like other glosses and leaves a nice stain even when it fades.

A brilliant innovation from Francisco Nars: the lip pencil that looks and feels like a gloss. Although "Happy Days" appears to be super bright, it goes on very sheer and highlights whatever your natural lip color is.


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  1. Simone!You, and this blog, are awesome!! I am going to start reading all the time 🙂 Hope you’re loving life out there

    • Gahhh!!! Thanks so much Claire, glad you love it!! I’m doing great, how are you? Please come visit me in LALALALALA! xoxo

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