Welcome to Tasteland! The land of discovery, indulgence and free stuff. Yea free! We’re handing out free makeup, products and other randoms we have too much of.

Now that we’ve got your attention, we are The Tastemakehers with a silent “h”…but our given names are Danielle and Simone. We’re not heiresses, or famous daughters or anything like that…just two women with good taste and a penchant for the finer things.  We started this blog to find the best life has to offer: for us, for our friends and for you.

Talking with your hands makes you sound important--Simone

Simone B is an entertainment news intern hailing from Miami, Florida. Her biggest claim to fame is a couple of celebrity interviews, but she’s hoping this blog will be the next one.

Danielle (left), "The Tourist" after party in NYC (right & fabulous)

Danielle D is a household name in A-List party planning. As an event producer for Benarroch Productions, D successfully executes the most talked about movie premieres in Hollywood and New York City. Throw a jaw-dropping Venetian-elite inspired extravaganza for Angelina and Johnny D’s new flick? Done.

Although much of our content features local indulgences, don’t feel left out if you don’t live in LA. We’ll bring you helpful reviews of gadgets and gizmos that are relevant no matter where you are. So leave your tray tables down, your seats in full reclining position and enjoy your stay in Tasteland. Bon Appetite!

Talk taste: thetastemakehers@gmail.com

Tasty tweets @TastemakeHERS on Twitter

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