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OK! Magazine, Ciroc and Godiva Grammy’s Gifting Suite
February 14, 2011

We didn't make the cut on Wire Image, but we didn't care...'cause we got swag!

Over the weekend, Simone and Kailey checked out the OK! Magazine and Ciroc Grammy Gifting Suite at the Redbury Hotel in Hollywood. They discovered so many great new brands and got tons of free goods!

Who knew candles could smell tasty? Eco-and-nose-friendly candles from Ecoya

You know how there’s that black line of soot around your candles after they’ve burned? Well it doesn’t have to be like that. Ecoya is an all natural line of home and beauty products from Australia, a favorite brand of the Kardashians, Olivia Munn and Lauren Conrad. Ecoya’s sweet smelling candles are also sweet for your health because they don’t emit carbon dioxide when they burn. We picked up a couple of their Love Candles for V-Day…so good you have to smell it to believe it.

Simone and her friend Alex(Fingerprint PR) eying those Sweet E's!

Def hovered around the Sweet E’s table for a minute…those mini cupcakes are addicting! No, but seriously. Some of the best cupcakes in LA, and they’re kosher!

New obsession: Forrest & Bob clothing...super soft tees, V-necks and dresses

We discovered the simple beauty of Forrest & Bob clothing, with their soft tees in fun solid colors. By the end of the day we came away with some fab additions to our wardrobes! Check out their website for the full line.

Forrest & Bob neon tee

Ok so we introduced DryBar here on The Tastemakehers, but we unearthed the brilliant Braid Bar concept at the gifting suite over the weekend. Located at Nine Zero One Zero salon in West Hollywood, Braid Bar brings your wildest dreams of elegant plaits to life for only $25. (A shampoo and braid is $40) They’ve braided everyone from Jessica Alba to Ashley Olsen and can create French braids, fishtails or whatever you can think of.

Kailey gettin' her hair did at the Braid Bar

We also got some products from Keratin Complex, including their much talked about Smoothing Therapy. Can’t wait to try it out!

Chinese Laundry was there providing complimentary shoe swag for all the guests. We loved those sparkly ones, and the ones with the ruffles, and well all of ’em!

Sexy stilettoes from Chinese Laundry

There were two beautiful jewelry lines showcased at the suite: Seki and Yasmin and Jazmin. Seki uses lot’s of unique elements like feathers and rustic beads for a bold boho look. They have earrings, necklaces and cuffs in all price ranges so you must check out their whole collection online.

Boho-chic accessories from Seki NY

Yasmin and Jazmin is another incredible line of jewelry, featuring an intricate interweaving of sterling silver, 18K Gold and jewels. Their bangles, rings and earrings are so versatile and double as bling for day or night. Remember that crazy dominatrix picture of red-haired Khloe Kardashian from a couple weeks back? She’s wearing Yasmin and Jazmin.

Gorg pieces from Yasmin and Jazmin made of sterling silver & 18K Gold

Needless to say we walked away with some sick swag by the bag full. What a great Saturday! Thanks to Taryn  and everyone at Fingerprint PR for a fab afternoon at the Redbury 🙂

K thanks bye! lol



White pants for every shape and size
February 9, 2011

Shopping for white pants shouldn’t be like a trip to the dentist. Anyone can wear them, but finding a pair that is flattering can often be painful. We’ve broken down the best white pants on the market into the styles that work best for each woman.

Use this as your fitting room guide, but make sure you work them out before you take them home. Peruse for pinching and puckering. Sit down, and see how they crease at the crotch. Take a look at the side view and see if they flatter your stomach. Look behind and check out how they hug your bum. Stand under the light and see how the fabric looks on your hips and thighs.

Curvy  to Plus Size– Boot Cut and Flared Leg

Look for stretchy fabrics in the boot cut and flared leg styles: this detail at the bottom will take the eye away from a thicker mid section. You’ll always want the fabric in your fuller areas to be a little looser, but make sure there isn’t extra space between the waistline and your back.  And beware of see-through fabrics– if you’re going for linen, check to see that the holes aren’t too open.

On sale at, the Push-up Boot-Cut Jeans for only $29-$34

For curvier women with thicker thighs and hips, try the ShapeFX Push-up Boot-Cut Jeans. The stretchy fabric moves with you, not against you, and the push-up construction lifts and shapes your behind. The boot cut also slenderizes and balances fuller hips and thighs. Also check out Paige Denim’s Lou Lou pant below in the “Tall” section. Big Booty? ShapeFX Butt-Lifter Linen Pant $69.00

Petite — Cropped Jeggings

Cropped Skinny Trouser Jeans for petite women, $59.50 at Gap

Go for a cropped skinny: the jegging look has a lengthening effect. Try the Cropped Skinny Trouser Jeans from Gap and add a pair of heels or boots for more length. But if you’re petite and a little heavier, avoid the skinny styles that cut off at the ankle as they can add weight. In this case, go for a boot cut or flared leg that will balance you out. Similarly, if you’re petite and skinny don’t go for the baggy look unless you’re going to stretch it out with some high heels. For another style, try the Wide Leg Trouser Jeans from Gap.

Another great petite style from Gap, the Wide Leg Trouser Jeans for $69.50

Tall — Trousers & Cigarette

Paige Denim's Lou Lou White Stretch Destruction pant, a 35 inch inseam!

Tall women do have lot’s of options, but please keep the length long: there’s nothing worse than a tall, statuesque woman who looks like she’s waiting for a flood. Always go for at least a 34 inch inseam. If you’re tall and skinny try the classic cigarette or a skinny jean with a little flare, like Paige Denim’s Lou Lou White Strech Destruction pant. (What’s the difference between skinny, cigarette and straight leg styles?) This will lengthen and flatter your slim figure, but make sure the fabric hugs your thighs and butt.

Or if you’re tall and curvy, go for a boot cut or wide leg trouser. You’ve got the height to pull off a wide leg trouser that really flares throughout, like the DOJO pant from Seven for all Mankind. Don’t be afraid of high waists either. (Unfortunately, to get the inseam a tall girl needs, you’re most likely going to shell out a pretty penny. Most of the high end brands like Seven, Rock and Republic, Joe’s etc. carry longer inseams)

A great inseam (34 in.) in the trouser style...the DOJO Pant from Seven for All Mankind

Middle of the Road–Pretty much anything!

You’re not too tall, but not petite. You’re not curvy but you’re not a zero. You’re lucky! Step into any bargain boutique and you can probably find something that fits and flatters your figure. However, the same rules apply. If you have a heavier mid-section go for a boot-cut, or if you’re slimmer up there go for a tight skinny. To play around with some sexy trends, try the SL8 White Stretch Pyramid Studded Jeans or Ripped Mid-Rise Skinnies at Forever 21.

If you didn’t find what you’re looking for up there, check out the other options below. Also head to your chain stores like Gap, Banana Republic and Express because they have both petite and tall options available.


Eddie Bauer Curvy Fit Boot Cut Stretch Jeans…only $14.99!

Modern Boot Cut Jeans for Tall and Plus Size women

Stretch denim jeggings for curves!


Forever21 Stretchy Denim Capri $17.80

Feeling bold? Try some ripped skinny capri’s

Michael Kors Cropped Ankle Jean in white


Wide leg pants from Joie with a 34 in. inseam, only $49.99

Genetic Denim Boot Leg pants with a 34 in. inseam, only $56 on BlueFly

Check out this forum just for tall women, complete with links to clothes for tall women in the USA.

Neon for Spring 2011: why isn’t it in stores?
February 1, 2011

Here’s a challenge: take a look at this delicious ‘fit from Jil Sander’s 2011 Spring/Summer Collection.

Now take a look at any of the following budget fashion store websites and try and find a “look for less” alternative.


Forever 21



American Apparel


You won’t find it. The S/S ’11 neon and color block trends are tragically underrepresented in our “look for less” locations like H&M, Forever 21, J.Crew, Top Shop, American Apparel and even hipster conglomerate There’s plenty of neutral numbers to go around, but neon and bright colors have been nearly overlooked. How can this be explained?


Zara had the closest look for less

Zara’s Website

Perhaps these corporations are intimidated by such a bold trend and fear the same reaction from buyers? But we’ve certainly seen bolder, haven’t you? Maybe the neon dye market is suffering severe inflation in the global economy these days? Whatever the reason, it’s upsetting for those of us seeking that artistic extension of our radiant inner being through an eye-popping color block. There’s really only one option, which is to continue the neon crusade into thrift and vintage stores.

Nonetheless, where neon threads cannot be found, the bright cosmetic palette abounds. Our favorite fresh faced look for spring is also the easiest and requires the least products.

Using only some black mascara, a little blush, shimmery bronzer and a bright gloss or lipstick, this look can be your go-to for Spring. Here are some of our favorite products:

For a lip that's less daring than pastel purple, try Mark's super affordable Hook Up Super Color Lip Gloss in "Wild" and "Fever". It's not super gunky like other glosses and leaves a nice stain even when it fades.

A brilliant innovation from Francisco Nars: the lip pencil that looks and feels like a gloss. Although "Happy Days" appears to be super bright, it goes on very sheer and highlights whatever your natural lip color is.

Operation Kardashian
January 13, 2011

You may remember this as our first adventure on Simone’s former blog, from which The Tastemakehers was really born. We’re bringin’ it back..

Yes!! My Con-Air Xtreme Instant Heat Rollers have finally arrived!! As I was flipping through the seriously down-to-earth reading material from Khloe, Kourtney and Kim, Kardashian Konfidential, I saw those famous monotone sisters sitting pretty all pinned up in rollers. And after InStyle December’s hot roller tutorial with Sofia Vergara, it all started to make sense. Until now, creating voluminous curls has been a well kept secret shrouded in mystery, resentment and unattainable esteem. But no more! Women everywhere can experience bouncy bombshell waves with the use of an age old technology. So with no further ado, it is with great pleasure that I renounce the impossibility of Operation Kardashian. The revolution is here, and so we begin the tale.

Once upon a time, actually last weekend, my girlfriend Danielle and I set out on a mission…a mission some call Operation Kardashian. All the elements for a mind/body transformation were set in place on that fine LA Saturday: our flat lifeless, follicles searching for a breakthrough, our residual summer wardrobe begging for a sexy winter face-lift, and the California sun glistening through the cracks of the Hollywood Hills, gently caressing our faces with it’s warmth and nudging us to a new standard of beauty.


Sofia Vergara's hot roller hair (InStyle December 2010)

We started off right, with Moet mimosas and a satisfying spread of Lox, arugula, bell peppers and bacon. After brunch and talks of masculism, matrimony and motivation, we embarked on a tour de thrift of the mid-city. Although we began our journey with the utmost intentions of hitting That’s A Wrap of Robertson, Goodwill of 3rd and many more, we found our thirst for thrift satisfied by Jet Rag of La Brea, and Jet Rag alone. I stood before the almighty Jet Rag of La Brea feeling unworthy, as I have many times before, and braced myself as an earthquake of excitement erupted throughout my body. With its gargantuan warehouse stature and a two-story selection of rare vintage gems, Jet Rag of La Brea is truly off-the-Richter.

My two purchases from that day, a black velvet a-line frock (complimented by a fancifully flirty, sheer neckline and sleeves) and equestrian inspired leather satchel (with crisp gold accents), so chic-ly sanctioned my assumption that Jet Rag is in fact the mother-load of all thrift stores everywhere. But, I digress…

What seemed like minutes was in fact hours, as we danced around in the threads of our trendy ancestors and channeled their bold visions of Vogue with each trip to the fitting room. And just as quickly as we came, we sprang into the next leg of our journey. Heading northward and onward, and overwhelmed with inspiration from Kardashian Konfidential, Danielle and I were on a quest for the Con-Air Xtreme Instant Heat Hot Rollers. Our search ended conveniently at the crossroads of all things classy middle-class, Target, as we found the keys to the kingdom we had been looking for. We took our precious home, uncorked another bottle of happiness and started the transformation: Operation Kardashian.

To be continued…

Staple Shopping saves wallets and wardrobes
January 7, 2011

It’s like the El Dorado of fashion.

Instead of outlandish fads like fringe, seek staple items…the simple, classic pieces that will outlive [yet satisfy] any fleeting trends and stand the test of time. Their versatility speaks volumes, and sweet nothings to your wallet!

staple shopping TM

[sta-ple shop-ping]

Noun,verb, staple shopped, sta-ple shop-ping

This bold orange turtleneck staple & green cadette pant staple from J.Crew will last through next season...and beyond!


1. to expand one’s wardrobe with the purchasing of solid-colored items, or articles containing minimal pattern and detail, of varying texture and type. Articles can be paired with almost any combination of pre-existing pieces in the wardrobe. Items may be trendy but remain timeless.

“Sorry when you called I was staple shopping.”

“I need to go staple shopping before this weekend.”

“No not shopping for staplers, shopping for clothes I can layer with just about anything.”

“I can’t, sorry. I really have to staple shop on Tuesday.”

The value of a staple-filled wardrobe is gold. The value of a fad-filled closet is fool’s gold.