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White pants for every shape and size
February 9, 2011

Shopping for white pants shouldn’t be like a trip to the dentist. Anyone can wear them, but finding a pair that is flattering can often be painful. We’ve broken down the best white pants on the market into the styles that work best for each woman.

Use this as your fitting room guide, but make sure you work them out before you take them home. Peruse for pinching and puckering. Sit down, and see how they crease at the crotch. Take a look at the side view and see if they flatter your stomach. Look behind and check out how they hug your bum. Stand under the light and see how the fabric looks on your hips and thighs.

Curvy  to Plus Size– Boot Cut and Flared Leg

Look for stretchy fabrics in the boot cut and flared leg styles: this detail at the bottom will take the eye away from a thicker mid section. You’ll always want the fabric in your fuller areas to be a little looser, but make sure there isn’t extra space between the waistline and your back.  And beware of see-through fabrics– if you’re going for linen, check to see that the holes aren’t too open.

On sale at, the Push-up Boot-Cut Jeans for only $29-$34

For curvier women with thicker thighs and hips, try the ShapeFX Push-up Boot-Cut Jeans. The stretchy fabric moves with you, not against you, and the push-up construction lifts and shapes your behind. The boot cut also slenderizes and balances fuller hips and thighs. Also check out Paige Denim’s Lou Lou pant below in the “Tall” section. Big Booty? ShapeFX Butt-Lifter Linen Pant $69.00

Petite — Cropped Jeggings

Cropped Skinny Trouser Jeans for petite women, $59.50 at Gap

Go for a cropped skinny: the jegging look has a lengthening effect. Try the Cropped Skinny Trouser Jeans from Gap and add a pair of heels or boots for more length. But if you’re petite and a little heavier, avoid the skinny styles that cut off at the ankle as they can add weight. In this case, go for a boot cut or flared leg that will balance you out. Similarly, if you’re petite and skinny don’t go for the baggy look unless you’re going to stretch it out with some high heels. For another style, try the Wide Leg Trouser Jeans from Gap.

Another great petite style from Gap, the Wide Leg Trouser Jeans for $69.50

Tall — Trousers & Cigarette

Paige Denim's Lou Lou White Stretch Destruction pant, a 35 inch inseam!

Tall women do have lot’s of options, but please keep the length long: there’s nothing worse than a tall, statuesque woman who looks like she’s waiting for a flood. Always go for at least a 34 inch inseam. If you’re tall and skinny try the classic cigarette or a skinny jean with a little flare, like Paige Denim’s Lou Lou White Strech Destruction pant. (What’s the difference between skinny, cigarette and straight leg styles?) This will lengthen and flatter your slim figure, but make sure the fabric hugs your thighs and butt.

Or if you’re tall and curvy, go for a boot cut or wide leg trouser. You’ve got the height to pull off a wide leg trouser that really flares throughout, like the DOJO pant from Seven for all Mankind. Don’t be afraid of high waists either. (Unfortunately, to get the inseam a tall girl needs, you’re most likely going to shell out a pretty penny. Most of the high end brands like Seven, Rock and Republic, Joe’s etc. carry longer inseams)

A great inseam (34 in.) in the trouser style...the DOJO Pant from Seven for All Mankind

Middle of the Road–Pretty much anything!

You’re not too tall, but not petite. You’re not curvy but you’re not a zero. You’re lucky! Step into any bargain boutique and you can probably find something that fits and flatters your figure. However, the same rules apply. If you have a heavier mid-section go for a boot-cut, or if you’re slimmer up there go for a tight skinny. To play around with some sexy trends, try the SL8 White Stretch Pyramid Studded Jeans or Ripped Mid-Rise Skinnies at Forever 21.

If you didn’t find what you’re looking for up there, check out the other options below. Also head to your chain stores like Gap, Banana Republic and Express because they have both petite and tall options available.


Eddie Bauer Curvy Fit Boot Cut Stretch Jeans…only $14.99!

Modern Boot Cut Jeans for Tall and Plus Size women

Stretch denim jeggings for curves!


Forever21 Stretchy Denim Capri $17.80

Feeling bold? Try some ripped skinny capri’s

Michael Kors Cropped Ankle Jean in white


Wide leg pants from Joie with a 34 in. inseam, only $49.99

Genetic Denim Boot Leg pants with a 34 in. inseam, only $56 on BlueFly

Check out this forum just for tall women, complete with links to clothes for tall women in the USA.

How to do soak off gel manicures at home
January 25, 2011

Vivien, a USC student, says she does gel manicures at home. Keep reading for the how to!

The Tastemakehers got our first fan mail! In her email, Vivien explains how you can do gel polish at home; she’s been doing it for almost six years! She had to invest in a few necessary items, but now she’s able to skip the salon and do gel manicures from home.

Vivien wrote:

Hello Danielle & Simone,

I found your blog and review for Eden on Yelp after first reading about the venue on Thrillist. I love the concept of your blog and everything you have covered so far!

I noticed you mentioned Gelish polishes. I’ve been using them for the last three months and they are nothing short of AMAZING. They really do last at least two weeks and stay super shiny. With weekly cuticle trimming and upkeep (my cuticles grow fast), I can usually make the polish last for around three weeks (as long as it’s a french so there’s no awkward grow out disparity).

I think the best part about Gelish is that it is extremely easy to do it yourself. Pretty much, if you can paint your own nails then you can do Gelish. I’ve been giving myself UV gel extensions a la the Japanese trend for the last six years or so and this is by far the simplest, fastest, and cheapest system I have used.

This website actually sells and provides extremely clear cut directions and video for the application of gelish. Yes, the product is pricey (about $15 a bottle and $90 for the UV lamp) and there are quite a few things to buy, but in the end it’s a pretty good investment considering gel manicures usually run for upwards of $30. So far, I’ve found the best prices for supplies on Amazon.

Things you’ll need for any Gelish manicure:

– Rubbing Alcohol (clean and sanitize nails prior to application and

wipe off tacky layer after top coat is applied and cured)

– Gelish Base/Foundation (acts as a primer/base)

– Gelish Polish Color

– Gelish Top Coat

– 36 watt UV light (I use the Thermal Spa Double Size so I can fit both hands in at the same time)

Thanks for the tips Vivien! FYI–“Gelish” is a brand of gel polish from Hand and Nail Harmony, OPI also makes their own gel polish called Axxium which is the kind we got done at Wynn Nail Spa. Creative Nail Designs has their own version as well, called Shellac.


Simone & Danielle

The most depressing facial ever
January 19, 2011

I have nothing against my aesthetician Nina; she’s the best in town. Nina knows so much about our skin and what causes it to hate us, so I trust her implicitly.

But man, what a depressing facial! The extracting of my clogged pores with a microscopic scalpel wasn’t nearly as painful as hearing no soda, no coke, no red bull, no sugar free red bull, no oil, no French fries, no sweet potato fries, no fried anything. As if I could just cut fried food out of my diet? That doesn’t exactly work for me. I’m half black–half of my diet is fried.

Ever since I started reading up about skincare I learned there are two camps: one that believes diet does affect acne and one that does not. Nina is of the camp that does. I have tiny pores, like most African Americans, and mine get clogged up really easily because of the stuff I am putting into my body. I pay over 200 dollars for acne medication, but Nina says it starts with what I eat. If I wasn’t eating all those buffalo wings, she probably wouldn’t have to squeeze so hard when she does extractions.

Like all dermatologists, Nina says extractions should be left for a professional. There is no right way to pop your pimples at home. They nonetheless need to be popped (if they are not, they can develop into cysts); but you need to find a facialist to do it for you. In the Los Angeles area, Nina at Wilshire Aesthetics is the best. (The facials are covered by insurance there, but she also has a few private clients). The reason we can’t do them at home is because there is a process, a methodology that needs to be followed in order to prep the skin for prime squeezing. Most of us just walk right up to the mirror and go to town, and that is all bad. But if you absolutely cannot resist that volcanic eruption, there are a few things you can practice to reduce scarring and bleeding.

Voted best cleansing milk by InStyle

Nina begins by washing off all the makeup and dirt with a cleansing milk. A cleansing milk contains oil, and you need oil to break down oil. It’s ideal to use a cleansing milk before you wash with your regular cleanser, to ensure everything is completely broken down. She then hyper-hydrates the skin with steam and primes the pores with an enzyme compound. Now most of us don’t have enzymes laying around in the medicine cabinet, but warm cloth compresses are crucial to soften up the nasty that lies below the surface.

Then let the games begin! Nina starts dicing up my clogged little pores with her micro-scalpel tool that feels like a tiny needle. Her hands are covered in latex gloves, but she also wraps her fingers in tissue for the squeezing. Sanitation is the most important thing. Clean, clean, and clean some more before and after you pop. If your fingers aren’t clean, you will trap bacteria in the pore and cause inflammation…AKA craters on yo face. Don’t use your nails when you pop because that will break the skin. And don’t press too hard; if nothing comes out, it’s simply not ready. If you can avoid popping at all, it’s best to wait for a professional.

After Nina’s done with me, my face looks less like a minefield and more like a face. But I still had some questions. What about laser skin resurfacing? Chemical peels? Even if the breakouts stop, my scars still remain.

“Nina, is there anything we can do for the scars?”, I said.

“You need to wait until you’re not getting any more breakouts before you can think about any of that,” she replied. “If you just trust me, and do what I’m asking you to do,” she continued, “we will take care of your breakouts and your scars. Can you do it?”

No french fries? No hot wings? No fried anything? Sheesh, I feel another identity crisis coming on.

For a more detailed tutorial on how to pop pimples the right way, watch this video.