Free Makeup Giveaway! Love for your lips
January 10, 2011

Tea always does the body good, especially in the dead of winter…and if yours look anything like ours right now, you know you need to share that good tea love with your dry, chapped lips. We’re giving away some nourishing lip shine from a makeup company that’s inspired by tea!

Tastemakeher Tip: To lock in the moisture, slather on lip shine right when you step out of the shower while lips are still wet.

To win:

1. Post a link to this blog post on your Facebook or Twitter profile.

2. Take a picture, or screen grab, of your profile with the post. (On Windows press the Prt Scr key and paste, on Mac press Command + Shift +4)

3. Email the pic to

The 100th picture in our inbox gets the makeup, and no more chapped lips! Again that’s post the link, take a picture & send it comes from the makers of LA’s invite only hot spot, the h.wood Tea Room. features scintillating and soothing concoctions with naturally pure ingredients, like their organic tea-infused candle that melts into a lotion!

This lip shine is full of mango butter, shea butter, jojoba oil, avocado butter, cocoa butter, and camellia oil…were giving away two pots so its a $40 value!