Tastemakeher Glossary

Common words and phrases used in Tasteland.

Tasteland – the land of discovery, indulgence and free stuff

Tastemaker – a trendsetter with respect to taste

Tastemakeher – any woman who posseses a penchant for the finer things, seeks them out in all arenas of life and imparts her tasteful discoveries with the masses

(The) amenities – free food and an open bar, also known as “the hook up”

Taste buds – fans and friends of The Tastemakehers

Tastemakeher Take-off – going on a vacation or trip

Taste test – reviewing a product, service or business for its quality, convenience and efficiency

Free taste – a product, ticket or discounted service giveaway for taste buds

5 C’s of Taste – 1. Classy 2. Claim 3. Consistency 4. Competition 5. Convenience

“Fake it till you Tastemake-it” – faking it until the amenities are a flowin’, the take-offs are a takin’, and the taste buds are a callin’

Staple shopping – to expand one’s wardrobe with the purchasing of solid-colored items, or articles containing minimal pattern and detail, of varying texture and type. Articles can be paired with almost any combination of pre-existing pieces in the wardrobe. Items may be trendy but remain timeless.

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  1. […] Tastemakeher Glossary […]

  2. […] Tastemakeher Glossary […]

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